ECO-Rags by JOSCO Products
JOSCO keeps an excellent selection of AMAT approved labels in stock. We can provide quotes on custom labels. This is a small selection of the labels we keep in stock, if you are looking for any different or custom label please call our sales team for personal assistance.
Labels 3x1 Critically Clean

6304-CC3_tn (200x200).jpg Labels 3 inch x 1 inch Critically Clean Labels 500 per Roll Semi gloss Paper non clean L2 JOS IMPORTA 0060 9100
UHV Clean Part Label

6304-CPUHV.jpg 2 x 1 Class 100 Cleanroom Label UHV Clean Part Open in class 1000 cleanroom or better Handle with Gloves black text on white label 1000 per roll 790193
CU Copper Process Label
6304-CU Copper

6304-CU-Copper.jpg CU Copper Process Label - 50 labels per roll on Plastic Core class 100 Cleanroom.
Labels Diamond To Be Removed
6304-DI 0205-01652

6304-DI 0205-01652_tn (250x250) (200x200).jpg Labels Diamond Shape To Be Removed At Decon Only 1000 per Roll On Plastic Core Class 100 Cleanroom 0205 01652 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch per Roll Perm Adhesive 79100
Do Not Detrash
6304-O 0205-01655

6304-O 0205-01655_tn (200x200).jpg Labels Octagon Do Not Detrash STOP Remove Part at Assembly Only 1000 per Roll On Plastic Core Class 100 Cleanroom 0205 01655 2 inch x 2 inch 79131
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